Swindon Hardship Fund


Swindon Hardship Fund is a response to poverty in our town. We make small cash grants, when needed within a few days, through trusted organisations- Local partner organisations, who are engaged in supporting the destitute and people struggling to meet the basic needs of living.


Funding comes mainly from donations made by caring Swindon residents. Occasionally we also receive donations from charitable trusts and donors outside of Swindon. We are entirely run by volunteers and we ensure to keep our overheads to an absolute minimum. We do not maintain staff or a premises, so that we can direct as much support as possible to individuals experiencing severe financial hardship in our town.

We do not accept applications directly from individuals, but through trusted partner organisations. We have adopted this process because we recognise that the little relief we might be able to provide will make the biggest difference to individuals, where it is hand-in-hand with valuable advice and support addressing wider needs and cultivating longer-term solutions.



SHF was formed in 2019 because we recognised that there is a significant need not being met to assist individuals experiencing financial hardship in our town. To see more facts and figures about this need in Swindon visit the SHF Need Page

There are shortfalls in state support and even for many people in-work, wages may not be enough to meet the basic needs of living, resulting in cycles of debt and insecurity, effecting relationships and mental health. Examples of where SHF small grants could make a difference include not paying off debts, but paying for a debt relief order for example. Helping with the costs of someone transitioning from living in a hostel/homelessness, into more settled conditions. Helping a parent buy shoes needed for their child, which they could not otherwise afford to do.


If you feel able to contribute, or your organisation, or faith group, sports or social group may be able to support, Swindon Hardship Fund depends on donations and we are grateful for your help. Your donation will make a difference to a person or a family going through a particularly difficult period in their lives. If you opt to make a regular standing-order, you can choose to become a member and attend an annual general meeting.

We are also interested in hearing from people who would like to volunteer to fundraise for SHF and also expressions of interest from potential Trustees.